Sew Nona
Logo Design, Style Guide and Marketing Materials

Sew Nona, an Orlando-based business, specializes in crafting unique and thoughtfully sewn products. When the client initially described her business, the words that resonated were collaborative, creative, and thoughtful. Through her exceptional skills as a maker, she not only brings joy to others but also pursues her passion for sewing with dedication and enthusiasm. She is always willing to try new things while catering to her creative client's visions.

In conceptualizing the brand identity for Sew Nona, the goal was to create a straightforward yet creatively infused representation. The custom bold font serves as the backbone, drawing attention to the heart that symbolizes threading the needle—a visual metaphor for precision and craftsmanship. Complementing this design choice is a vibrant color palette featuring dark lavender, gray, and red, injecting a sense of modernity and energy into the brand's visual language.

At Sew Nona, her commitment extends beyond creating beautiful products. The owner strives to foster a collaborative and enriching experience for clients. Your vision and preferences are at the forefront of the creative process, ensuring that the final products not only meet but exceed expectations. Whether it's a custom project or a unique creation, Sew Nona is dedicated to delivering quality and creativity with every stitch.

Working with Sew Nona on this logo design was a pleasure. Through concept development, we created a logo with simplicity and movement. I wish her success in opening her sewing business.
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