Hi, I'm Nick!
I am a passionate graphic designer based in Cooper City, Florida. I thrive on assisting businesses in navigating the crowded market with expertise in logo design, website development, search engine optimization, marketing, and strategic business consulting. I have a commitment to achieving measurable results on every project. I will make your visions a reality.
Early Inspiration in Creativity
My creative journey traces back to years at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts in Fort Myers, Florida. Initially,  while immersed in Fine Arts, an encounter with an Apple computer with Adobe Photoshop transformed my artistic skill set towards graphic design. This moment set the stage for a lifelong passion for visual communication.
After graduating from high school, I pursued Commercial Art at High Tech North Technical School. However, the events of September 11, 2001, led to an activation of the U.S. Army National Guard. Undeterred, I continued my education at Tallahassee Community College (TCC), earning an Associate of Art in graphic design and creative writing.
Determined to elevate my skills, I worked towards a Science Degree in Graphic Design and Communication from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). Alongside my major, I earned minor degrees in Fine Art, Photography, and Print Management, laying a foundation for future chapters and endeavors.
Professional Journey
After college, I embarked on a freelancing career immediately. My dedication as a marketing strategist evolved through diverse experiences. Notable freelance contributions including time with a local newspaper named the Tallahassee Democrat.
I have engaged in collaborative projects with Capital Plumbing Contractors, Eldridge Home Team, and Hatch & Fly. In roles such as Web Designer, Marketing Manager, and Art Director, I believe I left an impression, showcasing my ability to execute strategic plans that drove success through these small businesses.
Versatility Beyond Design
My influence extends into the realm of business strategy, demonstrated in business strategists with The Starfish Cottage Cakes and Five Hives Apiary. These two small businesses flourished during the challenges of the Covid pandemic. They were both transformed from new start-ups into local businesses in their communities. I not only craft brands for a local audience but my versatility in contributing sets a pathway for success.
Where I Am at Now
Now I am working for an innovative healthcare management solutions company as a graphic designer in Plantation, Florida. I am dedicated to delivering design solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. With over two years of experience in this role, I specialize in efficiently delivering client material design packages to print-ready specifications, even within demanding timeframes. Meticulously crafting to-scale mockups for marketing materials is my forte, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to final print. My portfolio showcases a diverse range of high-quality deliverables, including catalogs, flyers, mailers, trade show exhibits, displays, building signage, advertisements, packaging, and social media graphics. I remain committed to delivering creative solutions that resonate with our target audience and contribute to the overall success of the brand.
Into the Future of Strategic Partnerships
At the heart of telling a brand's story lies effective communication. I go beyond conventional practices, forging passionate partnerships. Not only with clients but also with their customers. People, products, and processes are the DNA of any business. For one, the goal is not just selling a product or service; it's about creating opportunities. In certain situations, a simple website suffices, while in others, a marketing campaign proves to be the most effective strategy. My belief in the power of communication goes far beyond the surface.
My creativity knows no bounds, consistently delivering outcomes that surpass clients' expectations. Trust, collaboration, and productive relationships are my principles. My personalized designs ensures results, making me more than a graphic designer – I become a trusted partner for businesses. When you choose to collaborate, you can anticipate a dedicated professional who empowers you to unlock your brand's potential to help achieve your goals.
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