Power Production Management
Van Wrap, Newspaper Advertisements and Marketing Materials

Established in 2009, Power Production Management swiftly earned a stellar reputation as one of the foremost solar companies in the Southeast United States. Comprising a diverse team, their dedication revolves around solar energy and combatting climate change.
Embracing solar energy aligns with their commitment to preserving our planet's beauty. Beyond environmental benefits, adopting solar power proves financially advantageous for consumers, with many witnessing significant reductions, halving, or even complete elimination of their power bills. Notably, the United States continues to witness a doubling of solar capacity year after year.
Given the opportunity to enhance Power Production Management's brand, I introduced designs and concepts aimed at elevating their visual identity. Focusing on clear and informative design elements, I revamped their van wraps, transforming them into mobile billboards that actively contribute to acquiring new customers. Additionally, I designed a billboard and newspaper advertisements centered around promoting the benefits of solar power.
Before my collaboration, Power Production Management used neon green and dark gray in their color scheme. Introducing a palette of blue hues to not only diversify but also expand their visual identity. These new colors seamlessly integrated into their stationery design and various marketing efforts, enhancing the overall brand image.

Designing for Power Production Management was an amazing experience. Since 2016, I have grown as a​​​​​​​ graphic designer. I would love to produce more meaningful designs for other small businesses like theirs. Please let me know if I can help your company with branding, marketing or anything creative. I am sure we can create something together that everyone will be talking about!
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