Optimum Healthcare Staffing Solutions
Logo, Brand Guidelines and Business Cards

Embarking on a new branding with a recent business endeavor – I was tasked with crafting a distinctive logo for Optimum Healthcare Staffing Solutions. This staffing agency can be described as nurturing, quality care, and effective staffing. They want to extend their services to hospitals, primary care offices, and long-term care homes. Their mission? To alleviate nurse burnout, enhance patient-nurse ratios, and provide top-tier care to every patient. Optimum Healthcare Staffing is aimed to translate these expectations into a practical and resilient brand mark.
The solution of the logo is a visual identity seamlessly uniting colors, shapes and typography. Immediately recognizable, trustworthy, and loyal within its niche, my design features an "M" shaped as a heart, using a stethoscope and pill forming the heart's contours. The flexibility of shapes, lines, and text creates a supportive brand mark in alignment with Optimum Healthcare's mission.

In the realm of color theory and psychology, I brought together a bold yet calming color scheme. Acknowledging blue's universal appeal and its association with calmness in nature's elements, selected aqua blue as the primary color. Symbolizing cleanliness, strength, dependability, and coolness, aqua blue sets a positive tone. The typography, in a darker mute blue, provides contrast for enhanced visibility on lighter backgrounds. Dark blue, with its associations of trust, dignity, intelligence, and authority, completes the harmonious color palette.

To complement the logo, I crafted a set of brand guidelines that serve as the cornerstone of Optimum Healthcare Staffing Solutions' visual identity. These guidelines provide a roadmap for consistent application across various outlets such as printed business cards. The business cards act as marketing ambassadors, leaving an impression on potential clients and partners. Furthermore, I created badges that not only instill a sense of pride among staff but serve as a visual testament to Optimum Healthcare's commitment to excellence. These badges reinforce the brand's identity at every interaction, fostering a sense of belonging within the team.

If you are interested in hiring a logo designer who is passionate about design and everything creative, please reach out. I am sure we can create something amazing while keeping your target audience at the top of the priorities. I have 10+ years as a creative freelancer and have worked with all businesses creating a strategy through science and structure.
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