Maternal and Perinatal Services
Logo, Marketing Materials and Packaging

In addressing the needs of the newly established business Maternal and Perinatal Services, my mission was to help bridge the gap in health services for expecting mothers. The program focuses on assisting medical providers and patients in navigating the essential services required before, during, and after pregnancy. The challenge was to tell their story through their logo of "Coordinating the Route from a Healthy Mom to a Healthy Baby."
The resulting logo for Maternal and Perinatal Services depicts a mother cradling her child within the comforting embrace of a heart. Using curvaceous lines and the use of negative space, the design captures the bond between mother and child. The typography used to complement the logo's curves, features a rounded type for the main type and a sans-serif font for the support line.

Recognizing the significance of color in shaping a logo, I carefully considered the client's fondness for lilac expressed during our discovery session. To enrich the brand's visual identity with this preferred color, I incorporated a subtle touch of magenta, resulting in a unique combination.
The selected color, purple, carries rich symbolism, representing qualities such as royalty, elegance, independence, wisdom, devotion, resourcefulness, and creativity. Beyond aesthetics, purple is known to uplift, calm nerves, and foster creativity, making it an inclusive color that resonates across ages, genders, and cultures. It is the perfect color for expecting mothers.
Our approach to the Maternal and Perinatal Services logo combines thoughtful design elements with a purposeful color palette, ensuring the logo stands out and effectively communicates the organization's commitment to the well-being of both mothers and babies.

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