Capital Plumbing Contractors
Website Design, Logo Re-Design, Vehicle Wraps and Marketing Materials

Capital Plumbing Contractors Recognized the significance of their brand in communicating their vision and core purpose, they entrusted me with a transformative brand redesign. Our journey began with a face-to-face discovery session, delving into the company's vision. Three key drivers—customers, relationships, and service—were identified to guide and inspire the redesign process.

Capital Plumbing Contractors, is a local Tallahassee plumbing company, that has been dedicated to delivering unparalleled client experiences for over 30 years. Homeowners have relied on their expertise for a wide array of plumbing services, from residential maintenance and repair to installations, new constructions, and renovations. With a highly skilled team of plumbing technicians armed with cutting-edge tools, Capital Plumbing Contractors ensures a comprehensive solution for all your plumbing needs. From utilizing electronic pipe locators and leak detectors for precise diagnostics to helping residents get the water running again, their commitment extends to both insurance claim accuracy and your peace of mind.

The brand transformation is showcased when comparing the old plumbing logo with its revitalized counterpart. The redesign involved a meticulous clean-up process, honing in on refining lines, shapes, typography, and colors. Changes encompassed an updated typography for a cleaner aesthetic and a more streamlined design. I carefully selected new colors that harmonize with their story, prominently displayed across social media and marketing materials.

To ensure a comprehensive online presence, I crafted a new website, incorporating optimized content for enhanced search engine visibility. The website serves as a dynamic hub for clients to explore the brand's offerings and to call on services. Additionally, I extended the brand identity to physical spaces by creating visually impactful fleet vehicle wraps for, trucks, and vans, ensuring a consistent and eye-catching presence on the move.

This approach to the brand transformation reflects my commitment to not only elevate its visual appeal but also integrate it seamlessly across diverse platforms, from digital to physical touchpoints. The result is a cohesive and compelling brand identity that resonates with audiences across various channels.

In the competitive landscape of plumbing services, a clean and distinctive brand sets Capital Plumbing Contractors apart. Their commitment to standing out among their peers is evident in the refined and purposeful redesign. I am confident that customers will appreciate the fresh, forward-looking identity that awaits them in the future.

Capital Plumbing’s mission is to provide our customers with cost-effective plumbing repairs and installations in a timely fashion.

Capital Plumbing will be the predominant plumbing contractor in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. 

• Customers will trust and rely on our plumbing knowledge
• Customers will receive fast and friendly service
• When you are having an emergency, we’re here to help get things back to normal
• Customers can count on our integrity before, during and after a job
• Honest, licensed and experienced plumbers will be on every job
• We will leave the customer’s work area cleaner than when we arrived

Effective communication stands as the bedrock of an amazing brand. Whether it's in marketing content, websites, or a new logo, each touchpoint should consistently echo the internal ethos of the brand. I understand each principle, meticulously ensuring that a company's brand isn't just visually appealing but is seamlessly woven into every facet of the communication strategy. My commitment fosters a cohesive and compelling brand narrative that resonates with each potential customer for an appointment. Reach out to a dedicated graphic designer who will help guide you with each cornerstone.
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